Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February 2014 Order (Batch 2)

Batch 2 order for February 2014 are as follow:

Product: Soft Awning Shawl (For Bride's Family)
Colour: Emerald Green - Grey Theme
Lenght: Standard Halfmoon Shawl
Detailing: Soft Awning in Emerald Green - Silverish Grey
Price: RM120

Product: Type C Tulle Veil
Colour: Off White
Lenght: ~1.2m Veil
Detailing: Veil detailed in cream and splash of silver
Price: RM190 (Veil C+ extra lenght)

The Veil

The Detailing

Product: Type E Veil
Colour: Royal Blue
Lenght: 1m Veil
Detailing: Heavy detailed in gold
Price: RM180

Side View

Top View

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