Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rhinestone Shawl with Lacey Veil Set

Our hottest product for 2014. Simple yet Elegant, Suitable for those who seeks difference in her Love Occasion.

Product: Rhinestone Shawl + Chiffon Lacey Veil (Type C)
Colour: Yellowish White, Shale Grey & Peach Crayola
Lenght: 1m Veil + Standard Halfmoon
Detailing: Rhinestones, Veil customized to customer's dress
Price: RM300

Yellowish White Set

Shale Grey Set

Peach Crayola Set

Product: Rhinestone Shawl + Soft Tulle Lacey Veil (Type C)
Colour: White & Off White
Lenght: 2m Veil (White) & 1m Veil (Off White) + Standard Halfmoon 
Detailing: Rhinestones, Veil customized to customer's dress
Price: RM300 (1m Veil), RM340 (2m Veil)

2m White Veil + Rhinestone Shawl

The Detailing

1m Off White Veil + Rhinestone Shawl

The Detailing

February 2014 Order (Batch 3)

Batch 3 order for February 2014 are as follow:

Product: Type F Veil
Colour: Teal Green (Color differ due to lighting)
Lenght:1m Veil
Detailing: Silver Grey-Gold-Cream
Price: RM190

Side View

The Detailing

 Product: Type B+ Veil
Colour: Brownish Red
Lenght: Standard Halfmoon, 1m Veil
Detailing: Off White- Dusty Red, Soft Awning Shawl
Price: RM230

Veil Set

The Detailing

 Product: Type E Veil
Colour: Off White
Lenght: Knee Lenght Veil
Detailing: Off White- Dusty Red, Soft Awning Shawl
Price: RM200

The Veil

Shawl by Zahra: February 2014 Order

Two most favorite design ordered by customer from Zahra Veil. Below pictures are collection for february 2014 order.

Product: Type A Shawl (XXL Size)
Colour: Royal Blue, Maroon and White 
Lenght: ~2m with 0.5m wide
Detailing: Soft Awning, Pearl-Lace
Price: RM120

Royal Blue XXL Shawl

The Detailing

Maroon-Emerald Green XXL Shawl

The Detailing

White-Silver XXL Shawl

The Detailing

Product: Type A Shawl
Colour: Light Pink
Lenght: Standard Halfmoon
Detailing: Soft Awning in Pink
Price: RM120

Pink Soft Awning Shawl

The Detailing

Product: Rhinestone Shawl
Colour: Jade, Light Purple, Tiffany Green
Lenght: Standard Halfmoon
Detailing: Rhinestones, Extra Detailing on Chest for Tiffany Green Shawl
Price: RM160 + RM20 for extra detailing on chest

Rhinestone Shawl

With Extra Detailing on Chest

BEADING PROJECT: Detailing on a Plain Reception Dress & White Kurung Dress for Solemnization

Customer requested detailing in aqua blue on her peach reception dress. We detailed the dress at under bustline, sleeves, skirt and shoulder. She also requested to custom her veil to match her dress.

The Dress 

The Veil Set

Veil Detailing

Shoulder Detailing

Under Bust Detailing

Customer requested detailing on her white kurung dress for solemnization.We detailed the dress at sleeves and top end. Main highlight was swarovski diamond and rhinestones.

The Detailing

How to Order: 
Pm or emel us ur desired beading project. Sms 019-2331739 for quick response.

Beading project usually will take around 2wks to finish after confirmation. However, customers need to order 3wks before ceremony. Any order with less than 3wks period is subject to our availability and if necessary, it may be charge as rush order. Refer FAQ at http://zahraveils.blogspot.com/p/faq.html.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

February 2014 Order (Batch 2)

Batch 2 order for February 2014 are as follow:

Product: Soft Awning Shawl (For Bride's Family)
Colour: Emerald Green - Grey Theme
Lenght: Standard Halfmoon Shawl
Detailing: Soft Awning in Emerald Green - Silverish Grey
Price: RM120

Product: Type C Tulle Veil
Colour: Off White
Lenght: ~1.2m Veil
Detailing: Veil detailed in cream and splash of silver
Price: RM190 (Veil C+ extra lenght)

The Veil

The Detailing

Product: Type E Veil
Colour: Royal Blue
Lenght: 1m Veil
Detailing: Heavy detailed in gold
Price: RM180

Side View

Top View